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“What do you do when your friends are unbelievers?” By Elicia Danielle Wright

 I know, as a young person, it’s hard to find people our age that have the same faith. Most of my friends are of different religions, so, does that mean I have to stop being friends with them? No, Mark 12:31 said, “thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself.” It doesn’t matter their religion,sex,or race.

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How can fasting bring you closer to Christ by Evang. L. Parsons

Throughout the scriptures are numerous examples of people who fasted to draw closer to God. When you put your plate down (fast), you are humbling yourself before God to seek His will. Fasting quickly reminds us how much we need food and water to survive.  God is our Creator, and He has provided us these

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How Has My Faith Changed Over The Years By Kiyah Smith

Over the years, my faith has changed quite a bit, and I feel as if it is only right to start from the beginning with the story that is the growth of my faith. For a long time, my faith in God was solely based on what I had been taught. I knew that God

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Congrats Buck Street Memorial Church From YouTube

Greeting Buck Street Church Family, On behalf of Public Relations and Media Ministry, we would like to say Congratulations! 🥳🎊🎉 As you all know, we have been staying connected via Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube with daily posts; keeping everyone informed on upcoming worship opportunities. Recently, we were contacted by YouTube because we reached a huge

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Buck Street Memorial Church of God in Christ Welcome Video

Greetings,Public Relations and Media Ministry are proud to release the official Buck Street Memorial Church Of God In Christ Welcome Video. It is our prayer that each person that watch the video will  immediately feels welcome. Look for more info news in the near future.  Be Blessed

New Official Church Website

Buck Street Memorial Church is proud to announce our new website. Please feel free to browse our resources, live service video stream, news update and more. If you have any questions, please contact buckstreetchurch@gmail.com