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Sister Cynthia Miller

I know God to be a healer, because He Healed me. One morning in April 2019, after a second back surgery. I woke up barely able to move my legs and unable to walk. Once I got to the hospital the doctor told me that if I had waited any longer I would have been paralyzed from the waist down. I begin to pray as the doctors told me I needed emergency back surgery, and they would have to monitor my progress. After months of therapy and physical rehab. I was doing well.

In November 2019, I was in a car accident and the rod and pins from the previous surgery were knocked out of place. I begin to say Lord I don’t understand, but I trust you. I knew this was a test of my faith. In February 2020, I had my last surgery and three months later I am a living witness that God is a restorer. Praise God! I am healed and able to walk again.

Sister Carolyn Benton

When I think of the Goodness of Jesus and All that He has done for me, My soul Cries Out Hallelujah! Thank God for Saving and Healing me. When the doctor diagnosed me with colon cancer. I couldn’t believe it. Not only did they diagnose me with colon cancer but another cancer as well. At this point, I began to pray and trust God for my healing. It didn’t matter what the doctors said I was Healed.

I went to the oncologist doctor appointment and they told me that they were confused and didn’t know what was going on. The doctor told me I see one report but the other reports show something different. One report says cancer. But when we did the scope We Found Nothing. Hallelujah! The doctor said I still don’t understand. We sent your test to two different labs and both showed cancer. But now there is Nothing! What I know is My God is a Promise Keeper, Miracle Worker, Light in the Darkness My God that is who you ARE.


Elder John Harvey

Hello, I am Elder John Lee Harvey Jr. A member of The Buck Street Memorial Church of God in Christ, in January 2003, I was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer, Stage 3.
I told God that he would have to heal me.
I was only 50 years old and I had 50 more years to go.

In July of 2003, at M. D. Anderson Hospital I had a prostatectomy, and I have been healed for 17 years with a loving wife, that helps me live a save and sanctified Holy Ghost filled life.
To GOD be the glory!!!

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