There are many ways to express yourself, I prefer  miming as my expression to give God praise. According to Trinity College, mime is considered to be the theatrical technique of suggesting action, character or emotion without words, using only gesture, expression and movement.
I choose mime because it brings high energy to a church service . It allows me to praise God while being creative in choosing the appropriate songs and movements during worship. To me, mime is a form praise through dance. Praising God through dance is mentioned in the Bible many times Psalms 149: 3 says, “Let them praise his name with dancing and make music to him with timbral and harp”. Mime allows me to express myself without words because this is where I feel most comfortable and free. Mime is important because it allows the youth to praise God in a different way.
It is important to me because it allowed  me a way to still express myself once I discovered liturgical dance was not for me. I enjoy the white painted face and all black clothing which  brings attention, but it allows me use my movements and expressions to give God praise. Mime allows me to express the love that I have God.

Mime is  also a way to include more young people into the dance ministry of a church. It allows the boys in my church an opportunity to express themselves without feeling uncomfortable, but still feel included.

As I close , mime is great way to praise God. It may be accepted by some and not others but I’m thankful that I am allowed to use this form of expression to give God praise while helping  people experience the love I have for God.